How It Works

Connecting the digital memorials of your passed loved ones through the internet, directly accessible through the physical monument through a unique QR Code. Either choose to leave it open to the public for anyone to share the memory, or have it password protected so only chosen loved ones can access the memorial page.

Q Memories has created a new type of headstone addition which connects families regardless of where they live. We provide an interactive "living” memorial that is a legacy for future generations.

QR Codes are an easy way to connect family and visitors to the memorial of a lost loved one. Placed directly on the monument and link to a personalised memorial web page. Combining technological memorialisation with traditional granite memorials by adding a link to the memorial, connecting to your personalised website.

It can be viewed on your phone or tablet as visitors wander through the cemetery or on your computer by clicking the unique web address into your internet browser. Although others may view the information, only visitors authorised by the family administrator can post information on the web page.

Archive Your Memories For Future Generations

Just $450 For A QR Code Tile With Scannable QR Code Linking Directly To Your Loved Ones Custom Memorial Web Page Made With Your Families Input. 

The Web Page Is Designed With Your Help & The Composite Tile With Your Unique Code Is Printed & Shipped To You.

How It Can Look...

You can see the template used to fill out your memorial page. Upload your favorite photos, videos, audio and messages for the page. You can also have the option to add comments onto the page for visitors to leave their own stories.