John Doe - Father, Husband, Brother & Dear Friend

“The song Has ended, but the melody lingers on…”

John Doe

Our Dear Friend

On the 13th of December 2020 we said our final goodbye to John just 17 days short of his 78th birthday. Surrounded by family, we knew he was happy to spend these last moments with us as he still wore his memorable smile every day until the end. 

Our Last Trip

Sydney 2018

John was feeling up to one last trip overseas as he wanted to surprise Jess and her new family who'd just bought their first home in Sydney. We even captured the surprise on camera and cherish that memory very much. 

He complained a lot about the Australian beer though ;-) 

The Tool Shed

Storkey Street

John spend 90% of his retirement out in this shed! He loved making toy wooden cars and skate ramps for the grandkids, which always put a huge smile on their faces. 

Of course he would always repair any household items as he wouldn't trust anyone else with them! 

John's Favorite Quote...

Sometimes you have to let go of the life you thought you'd have, and find joy in the one you do. Because when you take a moment to look at what you have around you, you'll feel the greatest feeling of gratitude you've ever felt. 

- John Doe

Favorite Photos

Our trip to Fiji 2008

This is the trip where John finally lived out one of his bucket list items of swimming with dolphins. They seemed to know he had a gentle heart and loved playing with him as much as he did with them!

Christmas 2019

We didn't know this would be our last Christmas together, but we were lucky enough to have so much family here this year and capture a lot of photos and videos to keep forever. 

Johns High School Swim Team 1976

Johns team came 2nd in the national championship

The Wanderers 1981

Johns band he toured with during the late 70's and 80's. We still kept that guitar this whole time and it's being passed onto his son James to keep it playing for years to come. 

Some Words From Family & Loved Ones

Anna Doe

Dad was the most caring person in the world, he always made me feel like I can achieve anything in my life. I'll always try to make you proud Dad xx

James Doe

Dad, you made me feel strong and confident thought my life. You always supported me in my music and sports, and you're the reason I did well in both. Thank you. 

Ethel Doe

John, my love, we're all so proud and thankful for you. You looked after this family all these years and were an amazing husband for 48 years to me. Till we meet again x

John's Favorite Song 'Layla' by Eric Clapton